Custom Course Design

Custom Course Design

In need of training materials like customer service training for your specific industry?  Need a compliance training course on new regulations or code changes? From enhancing selling skills to navigating complex healthcare concepts, we can create comprehensive eLearning courses that ensure that the information is easy to digest and retained. We take the time to get to know the learning needs of your audience and our eLearning specialists are experts in taking boring or dry information and transforming it into courses that will engage even the shortest attention spans. Some features and advantages of custom eLearning design include:

We can make your training:


Training that can be taken remotely 24/7 on various devices and is easily edited and adaptable to your organizations evolving needs.


Save time and money by providing “at your fingertips” training available anytime at an affordable price that fits within any budget.  No more trying to coordinate costly live training that could be outdated within weeks!


Track learner activity and progress, ensuring that your company and its employees educated and in compliance with whatever requirements you have.


Courses can contain custom: video, motion graphics, animations, infographics, learning games & interactions, scenarios and professional voice over

Fun & Effective!

 We can transform your boring training into engaging interactive training that your employees will retain AND enjoy!

On Boarding & Brand Training

While there is always face to face interaction when welcoming new staff, the perfect complement to onboarding and introduction to company culture is eLearning. Since people learn differently, there is usually information overload on their first day; they can go back and refer to the training material at their leisure. Accelerate comprehension of new hires or a new product through an easily accessible knowledge base of the company and be confident that information is comprehended through trackable mini-quizzes.

Product Knowledge

Planning an in-person training session for your new product can be just as costly or more than developing an eLearning course. Consider the cost of accommodations and flying in the out of town employees as well as the time constraints and cancellations. Do you know that the attendees will forget 90% of what they learned in 30 days? It is known as the forgetting curve. We design custom Tin Can compliant courses that are accessible anytime providing refresher information as well as ensuring retention with learning checks within the course so that your employees are always up to speed.