Legacy Conversion

Turn those old-school PowerPoints, Flash based courses, and cumbersome training binders into scalable, responsive, mobile friendly learning that can be taken anywhere! Bring your company into the 21st Century and transform your training with CreateSmart™ Design!

Custom Course Design

From enhancing selling skills and product knowledge to navigating complex healthcare concepts, we can create customized eLearning courses to ensure that the training is tailored to your company’s specific needs and is easy for your learners to digest and retain.

Video & Animation

Need animation, motion graphics or videos to enhance your training? CreateSmart™ Design can do that! Our designers and animators are just itching to make your training come to life with custom animations and videos that are perfect for storytelling and scenario based learning.

Games & Interactions

Information is better received and retained when it is presented in a way that is engaging and interactive. Get away from boring “click & read” computer based training and add the element of fun by implementing learning games and interactions in your training.