Legacy Conversion

Transform Your Training

We specialize in taking your existing training and taking it into the 21st Century. Is your training any of the following?
  • A series of PowerPoint presentations taught by an instructor or staff member
  • Flash based courses that are outdated and unusable on mobile devices
  • Thick binders full of paper training materials
  • Computer based training comprised of a bunch of “click & read” PDF documents

If any of these apply to your company, it is time to boost your company’s talent and convert your legacy training content into HTML5 format that supports multi-device and responsive learning.

How can the transformation benefit you?

Multi-Device Friendly:

Since the transformed training can be formatted to be SCORM, xAPI, AICC and HTML5 compliant, they can be accessed using all sorts of devices including smart phones, Android tablets, iPads as well as on a desktop or laptop computer. Courses are also responsive, allowing for optimal viewing, regardless of device.


The training transformation allows you to track learner activity and progress, ensuring that your company and its employees are in compliance with whatever requirements you have.

Enhanced Employee Performance and Retention

Since the transformed training engages the learner and is designed to ensure that educational content is retained, employees will be better at performing their jobs and will have a more positive association with their work and their employer.

Updates are Easy & Fast:

Companies change and evolve and so do their training needs. Transformed training can be quickly updated with ease. No printing needed to update those old clunky training binders!